Getting to know: T’Keyah Royal

by Clare Stevenson

Practice Manager 

Our practice manager, Clare decided it would be fun to do a little interview with one of our Naturopaths, T’Keyah. Get to know T’Keyah & see a snippet into her daily life. 

What is your morning routine?

At the moment my morning is quite slow and wholesome which works perfectly for my nervous system. I make a big cup of earl grey tea and sit outside in the sun, watch the birds and listen to the world wake up. As I do some stretching or a little reading my husband makes a super tasty breakfast which we eat together before we get sorted and leave for work.

What does your supplements regime look like at the moment?

A focus of mine has been on my nervous system in the last year as I have a tendency to overwhelm myself and become very sympathetic system dominant. This means I love magnesium glycinate and herbal medicines such as withania, lavender and chamomile. When the sympathetic dominance is taking control the first thing to suffer is always my gut, so I often have a probiotic support with slippery elm and glutamine to ensure the gut lining isn’t being damaged and everything can move as it should.

What is the last thing you do when you wake up

Smile and reach for my husband. When the alarm goes off we always stay in bed a little longer for a cuddle. This provides connection and good feels to start the day.

What is your favourite thing about HHS?

The incredible team of women we have! Honestly, they are just the best support and seriously inspiring in their own ways.
AND, of course, the beautiful clients I see! They just blow me away all the time with how much dedication they have for their health and the changes they achieve.

What is your favourite weeknight meal?

Crispy homemade potato chips, rocket salad and a piece of wild caught salmon…. YUM! I have a HUGE weakness for potatoes…

What are you most passionate about?

People having access to health education, the importance of sexual health, understanding & using herbs/ spices in cooking, native Australian plants, herbal medicines, creating community & sharing food… I could talk ALL day about any of these topics.

What’s your favourite way to move your body?

As boring as it may sound… walking. Sometimes I just wander, other times I push it for the hills and get a bit of a sweat up. I prefer being in the bush but even my local area has some beautiful gardens and lovely people to smile at.

Talk us through an average Sunday night in your household…

Sunday night is my favourite time of week. The house is cleaned, our social cup is full, our house smells delicious from all the cooking for meal prep and we usually have a tasty homemade treat to share like beetroot brownies, choc tahini cookies or honey cake. Sometimes we get a board game out to play and other times we put a rom com on and curl up on the lounge.

Your top health tip…

My clients may be sick of me saying this but learning how to rest and bring balance back to the nervous system. We are often living in ‘survival’ mode in the sympathetic nervous system which over time can become our dominant state causing issues with hormonal function, digestion, sleep, nutrient deficiencies and more. Rest in the parasympathetic nervous system can feel uncomfortable, difficult and uneasy if we are constantly in survival. By creating a habit of just 5-10 minutes each day to calm your nervous system down this can bring balance and the feeling of safety back. Ensure it is tech & distraction free. Try colouring in, sitting outside, drinking a tea or taking a slow wander in your garden.

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