What to Pack in Your Birthing Bag

by georgia hartmann

Women’s Health Expert

Whether you plan on birthing at the hospital or at home, having the essentials ready to go in a bag will help to ease any worry.

At the time of writing this piece I am 37 weeks pregnant with my second baby. We are planning our second home birth and while I’ll be placing these items in a basket near our birth pool, I’ll have a bag next to it ready to throw everything in in case we need to transfer.

Here’s my birthing bag checklist. It’s simple, refined & packed with handy tips to support a positive birthing experience.

What to pack for baby

– 3 grow suits. We love Pure Baby, Bonds and Summer & Storm basics. Tip: Opt for a zipper over press studs as this makes nappy changing a whole lot easier.

– 3 singlets

– 2 face washers. You may not give baby their first bath for a few days but having face washers on hand can help gently wipe away any marks.

– 1 warm blanket. I have used Snuggle Hunny Kids for my winter babies.

– 3 muslin wraps. These are so versatile and can be used over your shoulder when breastfeeding & burping, to cover baby in the car seat or pram, or to wrap baby in.

– A pack of newborn nappies. If you’re looking for low tox, eco-friendly nappies, you can’t go past Tooshies by Tom and Ecooriginals.

– 1 pack of baby wipes. We love Water Wipes or Tooshies by Tom Wipes

What to pack for mum

– Toiletries bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, body wash, hairbrush, hair clip, skincare, lip balm & nipple balm.
If you choose to breastfeed, your nipples may take a hit in the first few days as you & bub work to establish a comfortable latch. We love Edible Beauty Mum & Bub Coco Barrier Creme which you can apply after each feed. Another tip is to expose your nipples to direct sunlight as much as you can. The vitamin D absolutely helps!
avoid using perfume or strong smelling deodorants as these often contain endocrine-disrupting chemicals that are harmful to bub’s development mum’s hormonal balance. We love No Pong natural deodorant.

– Clary sage essential oil. This can help labour progression as well as birthing the placenta (if you plan on having a natural vaginal birth).

– Phone & charger

– Wallet. Tip: if you have a smartphone then add your ID, insurance & bank cards to your digital wallet

– Maternity nappies & pads. Tip: We love Tom Organic maternity range. Just know it’s worth getting some adult nappies (aka premium lady pants) to wear in those first few days or weeks after birth as bleeding can be quite heavy for 6 weeks.

– Cotton or bamboo underwear. Tip: avoid synthetic materials and go a size or two up for extra comfort. We love Tom Organics, Le Buns & Boody

– Bed socks

– Slippers

– Dressing gown. Particularly if you’re having a winter baby, it’s so nice to be able to wrap yourself & your baby in a cosy dressing gown.

– Pyjamas / loungewear. Tip: choose a set with an elastic waist & button up top to help with skin-to-skin and breastfeeding. We love Not So Mumsy & Bed Threads sets. 

– Water bottle. Tip: get one with a straw to make it easy to stay hydrated during labour.

– Snacks for labour. High protein & carbohydrate snacks ensure a good source of energy is delivered to mum during labour. Some ideas include bliss balls, popcorn, rice cakes with nut butter, granola, carrot sticks, pitted medijool dates

– TENS machine. It‘a likely that if you’re using one of these that you’ll be wearing it during labour but if not, great to add to your hospital bag as it can help relieve pain during labour & also postpartum when the uterus retracts. Tip: you can hire a TENS machine through Bliss Birth.

Download the PDF checklist here.

by georgia hartman

Women’s Health Expert

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