Getting to know: Asha Richards

by Clare Stevenson

Practice Manager 

Our practice manager, Clare decided it would be fun to do a little interview with one of our Naturopaths, Asha. Get to know Asha & see a snippet into her daily life. 

What is your morning routine?

In my current season of juggling work, uni placement, study and being on call, every day looks different and sticking to a routine is hard. I do have four morning non-negotiables that I do like to include though. 

  1. A glass of water first thing in the morning to rehydrate and start the day.
  2. Breakfast before coffee, always, to support my adrenal function.
  3. A quiet moment of reflection and gratitude.
  4. Give my sweet husband a cuddle and a kiss.

What does your supplements regime look like at the moment?

I’m getting ready for a trip to Bali in a couple of weeks so my main focus is my gut and immune health. To prep for this I’m taking a probiotic, zinc and vitamin D. I’m also taking a sublingual B12 to help with energy and stress, and magnesium…. Because we all need more magnesium.

What are your passions in the health industry?

Disease prevention is what first got me into Naturopathy. My dad passed away from cancer when I was quite young. As a teen a beautiful First Nations woman taught me many things about diet, lifestyle and how they can help prevent disease. This stirred up a deep passion in me and I began my tertiary studies with the hope to educate and empower people on how they can prevent lifestyle diseases as I didn’t want others to experience the heartbreak of losing family members too soon from preventable lifestyle diseases.

From here my interests and passions grew into reproductive health and my love for pregnancy and birth bloomed. I see reproductive health as not just physical, but mental and spiritual as well. I love journeying with families to bring children into the world and as research now shows sperm and egg quality, as well as the first 1,000 days from conception are vital to the long term health and development of that child. I am currently in my final year of my second degree, a Bachelor of Midwifery, and cannot wait to combine both midwifery and naturopathic care into my practice.

Tell us a bit about your life away from HHS….

My husband, Josh, and I are currently in the building stage of our careers so study and work can feel a bit all consuming at times. We move around a lot for Josh’s work, so time with friends and family is very sacred and we like to prioritise this when we can. In the evening’s (when we aren’t working a late or night shift haha) we love to go to the gym or for a run, make a home cooked meal and then watch an episode of This is Us. We try to make sure we always have at least one day off on the weekend for rest and play. At the moment this looks like visiting our favourite wholefood cafes and going for a hike in our local national park.

What is your favourite thing about HHS?

Like Georgia and T’keyah have already said, the team and our clients! It’s so beautiful going to work every day knowing you get to speak with the most wonderful people. Walking through the highs and lows of life with our clients is a great privilege that I will never take for granted. And it’s the greatest blessing working alongside a group of such brilliant women who are so supportive and encouraging! What we have at Hormone Health Studio is really special.

What is your favourite weeknight meal?

Homemade chicken stir fry with vermicelli noodles or wild caught salmon with broccolini, sweet potato and cauliflower! 

What’s your favourite way to move your body?

Kickboxing and reformer pilates!!! I feel like it’s the perfect combination of cardio and strength training for my body and I notice a huge difference in my mental health when it’s part of my daily routine.

Talk us through an average Sunday night in your household…

Sunday night is pizza night at our house! We usually watch a movie in the early evening and then jump into bed and get a good night’s sleep for the week ahead.

Your top health tip…

Eat more veg! A lot of the time we can get caught up in all the things we shouldn’t do or eat and it can become all consuming and negatively impact our mental health. If we switch our mindset to ‘adding’ instead of ‘taking away’ it can be easier to make new habits and achieve our goals. By adding more veg into your diet (min 5 serves, ideally 7+) you might notice you feel fuller for longer, crave less processed foods, have healthier bowel motions, clearer skin, more energy, experience less bloating and notice improvements in your hormonal health.

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