Oestrogen, Histamine & Endometriosis

by georgia hartmann

Women’s Health Expert

Endometriosis is a chromic inflammatory condition and one that we see often in clinic. What we know about endometriosis is that it LOVES oestrogen. More oestrogen = more histamine = more inflammation = more lesion growth = more pain or difficulty conceiving.

Aside from endometriosis, histamine itself can cause an array of other symptoms—from headaches to itchy skin to PMS, nausea, bloating, and so on—and it also stimulates the ovaries to make MORE oestrogen. This results in a never ending cycle.

The good news is that we can do something about it. And a lot of the work comes from specific nutrition modifications. That’s right, the food you eat affects endometriosis.

So, if you have endometriosis and feel you may be caught in this loop of constant inflammation, pain, and worsening of symptoms—we are here for you. Our team of naturopaths are ready to hold your hand no matter where you are in your endometriosis journey. 

by georgia hartman

Women’s Health Expert

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