Getting to know: Georgia Hartmann

by Clare Stevenson

Practice Manager 

Our practice manager, Clare decided it would be fun to do a little interview with our founder, Georgia Hartmann. Get to know Georgia & see a snippet into her daily life. 

What is your morning routine?

At the moment: chaos. We co-sleep with Otto and Rumi which I LOVE but means that we all wake up together. In amongst the chaos of breakfast, shower, getting everyone ready for the day, I do like to do one thing: Take a cuppa outside with the kids and watch the birds. This generally happens at 6.30am. Not sure how our neighbours feel about it.

What does your supplements regime look like at the moment?

I am prioritising this! My supplement regime supports me while breastfeeding and is specific for my genetic predisposition. I am COMT, TCN2 and MTHFR heterozygous which means I need to support my neurotransmitters and nutrient status to ensure good energy and mental clarity. This looks like magnesium glycinate, hydroxocobalamin, SAMe (only those with variations in COMT can take SAMe so please never self-prescribe), a good quality probiotic with specific lactobacillus strains, and Foraged for You Mother’s Blend

What is the last thing you do when you go to sleep?

Take 3 deep breaths (in for 4 counts, hold for 4 counts, out for 4 counts) and remind myself that “I can do hard things”; “I AM doing hard things”. 

What is your favourite thing about HHS?

Our team + community. We are now a team of five, chat all the time and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Often naturopaths work solo which can be a verrry lonely so I feel very lucky to have such a solid team. AND! To be able to help people gain back control over their health and life is just phenomenal. You lot are PHENOMENAL!

What is your favourite weeknight meal?

My mum makes this moroccan chicken bowl with tomatoey kidney bean salsa, cucumber, corn kernels, and guacamole. I actually think this is my sister’s recipe who is a real foodie. DELISH.

Do you practice mindfulness?

Yes – but not in the traditional sense of meditating. What I practice is the science of savouring. This is finding calm and beauty in the little moments. Say I’m going for a walk with the kids, I’ll make a point of savouring what surrounds me. I’ll admire the beauty of fresh blooming flowers; or birds chirping; or Otto running freely. 

Talk us through your movement regime?

I MUST exercise daily. For no other reason than my mental health (well, there’s many other reasons but this is the big one). It is my anti-depressant, anti-anxiety and energy-booster. While I may not always feel like exercising, I will absolutely feel better for it afterwards. At the moment that looks like a combination of pilates and walking. 

How do you get through the 3pm slump?

I’ll be the first person to tell you that I love coffee and I love sugar. While I am strict with limiting coffee to one per day before 10am, I hadn’t been so strict with sugar. Little treats were creeping in and while I welcomed them in the moment (because I have interrupted sleep and look for something highly palatable to get me through the afternoon) I would feel a huge dipafterwards. SO! I’ve cut sugar. And it’s made a HUGE difference. Another tip I follow is including a source of protein with each meal to stabilise my blood sugar levels.

Talk us through an average Sunday night in your household…

Well we usually spend both Sunday morning and afternoon at the beach (because Otto is very high energy and we need to burn him out haha) so come evening time we do dinner, bath and bed. Give the house a quick tidy, get Otto’s things ready for preschool and get an early night ourselves.

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